Bag waterproof Abranta Gray

Bag waterproof Abranta Gray

  • Dimensions - 14*30*10 (H*W*D)
  • Three-layer membrane fabric
  • Waterproof zipper
  • Adjustable belt length, 120 cm
  • Fastex for attaching keys
36€ 42€

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Waterproof ABRANTA waist bags.

In any weather, with an airtight ABRANTA bag, you will be sure that your belongings are under reliable protection. Car keys, mobile phone or documents will remain dry in case of falling into the water.

The ABRANTA waist bag is equipped with high-quality accessories that securely fixes it.

The high-strength belt allows you to fasten only on the belt of the bag.

A wide range of colors allows you to express your personality.

We want to draw your attention, the bag is afraid of punctures. The bag is not designed for swimming, it is designed to protect things during rafting or accidental falls. Make sure that the zipper is fastened to the end.


  • Waterproof design
  • Water-repellent DWR impregnation
  • Reinforced waist belt
  • Wide range of colors
  • Unisex

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